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The famous brands agented by the Group Company include goldlion,VOLO,FORTEI, vishark leather products and other famous international brands. The main business products of the Group Company include leather shoes, leather bags, clothing, packaged products and many other series of products as well as mineral development and financial investment, etc.



Carry forward the Chinese aesthetic confidence! The PANDA PANDA brand,
The fusion of the essence of Chinese culture and modern fashion the quintessence of science and technology,
The rigorous exquisite technology and the quality of the collect inside of fashion synchronization is deduced.

In a way can be accepted by the international fashion,
To show the Chinese culture and way of life.
Provide consumers with high quality and comfortable products,
Enjoy Chinese aesthetics is confident and happy!
Products into the blue and white porcelain, auspicious totem, such as Chinese elements,
Gives us a kind of yearning for a better life.
Embodies the noble life taste, and brings good luck.


Panda men's shoes have wedding, filial piety, curing three themes products and foreign, auspicious, quintessence three series products, and other similar products on the market to form the difference, competitive advantage is obvious. On the other hand, these characteristics also cater to the functional requirements of shoes many consumers.

PANDA brand that every social elite to feel confident about Chinese aesthetics. At the event, the principal of PANDA brand to full share his understanding of cultural self-confidence: inherit the culture, the development of cultural and prosperity consciousness of culture to culture, and more culturally self-confidence. Chinese, showing off is not wealth, but thought, development and prosperity of the Chinese culture, the need to fulfill their social elite on the responsibility. Not only need passion, need more down-to-earth. Need not only inherit the history, but also innovation. Cultural self-confidence is not only an adjective, it is about good manners and education, a kind of attractive life style, but also a historical evolution significance of upper-class lifestyle.”

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