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Zou Lisheng:return home after getting fame or money  Ten years in one billion

“If return, I'm a zheshang return earlier & ndash; & ndash; In 2003, I returned to qingtian investment. Including 10 years now, investment in zhejiang also have 1 billion or so.”

Zou Lisheng is qingtian, the zhejiang chamber of commerce in guangdong province, lishui city standing committee of the Chinese people's political consultative conference (CPPCC). Associated with the two social position, is on his business card in guangdong and zhejiang: a series of investment projects listed in the Chinese treasure wealth rabbit leather clothing co., LTD., guangzhou industrial park, zhejiang qingtian bao rabbit industrial park, zhejiang industrial park ou China……

Zou Lisheng very frankly told reporters, actually invest back in qingtian, the main source of power is not on the interests of the business. Much less qingtian mountain, this is why people leave home out of business, now the situation has not been changed, and because of partial, logistics cost is much higher than big cities, in terms of commercial interests, is not the best choice. People are not purely economic animals, however, traditional Chinese culture & other; Discarded, the thought of return, ze be village, for the benefit of the cultural impulse from one side, is the root cause of their investment back.

North to south through the world

Down along the beauty tips, the line of sight, it is heavy, but PianSheng face with a piece of the word, in the face of soft melting just can let you'll never forget.

In qingtian, Zou Lisheng fame, apart from a few international brand sales company, he founded the petty loan company in qingtian, founded the first local private high school. In guangzhou, he, zheshang and the local media is so rich, he has rarely been reported.

“People who want to keep a low profile, don't become complacent; People once complacency, self-righteousness, no development space. Throughout the &; Zou Lisheng few words, but familiar with he knows, he likes singing, some of the most requested is "love spell will win".

Zhoushan Zou Lisheng born in qingtian small, much less here mountain, lack of property, a poor mountain gala in the era of planned economy. As the eldest son in the home, Zou Lisheng in order to reduce the family burden, junior high school only read a semester and farming to drop out of school at home. The poor children early take charge of, in 1979, at the beginning of the spring tide of reform and opening up, 18 Zou Lisheng began to go out of business. Cotton, selling buttons, do MieJiang; Like many zheshang, early Zou Lisheng in big society, small businesses; Temper his living skills.

Zou Lisheng came to wuhan in 1986, investment in the sheng trading co., LTD., set up in wuhan city guangdong authentic leather, leather products production and marketing business. Thorough fares of nine provinces of wuhan, for mature Zou Lisheng provides a broad business stage. In the mid - 1980 - s, wuhan financing market gradually formed the scale, Zou Lisheng actively participate in and support of hubei province's largest leather goods market; Leather market of planning, design, construction and investment, to made contributions to the prosperity of the market. He runs the state wins business and therefore be wuhan city government at all levels many times awarded the title of "advanced enterprise".

In March 1999, Mr Zou Lisheng south of guangzhou, the playboy brand shoes to the United States of China's total distribution rights. Since then, he has investment set up guangzhou treasure rabbit shoes industry development co., LTD., guangzhou rich collar industrial co., LTD., zhejiang to the leather co., LTD guangzhou branch, guangzhou rhino development co., LTD. 10 companies, such as proxy goldlion, rich playboy, rhinoceroses, collar, crocodile garments, sharks and other international well-known brands, later, Zou Lisheng and registered the treasure, the panda, such as trademark, rabbit and someone calls he opened a brand is the zoo.

Tree brand as a daughter

A guangzhou businessman once lamented: fear of zhejiang business firm, is not afraid of zheshang cliques, the most afraid of zheshang special brand awareness. Rabbit group is the earlier to develop brand agent in China, one of the franchise chain monopoly road. Companies rely on excellent management ability, in a few short years, has achieved leapfrog development, each big brand agent by the commodity market share has been ahead of peers.

Zou Lisheng very pay attention to the agent for the brand cultivation, promotion and maintenance work, at smashing a huge sum of money each year to carry out & other; Unified design, unified image, unified throughout decoration &; As the core brand counters, store image construction. Some people say that he wore simple, but actually look, Zou Lisheng is extremely pay attention to the image, wearing a simple, quietly elegant, but silent highlight the personal taste. Do the brand, to do the person that has grade first. He said.

Zou Lisheng believe that branding generally need to find out the four positioning: age positioning positioning, image positioning, price positioning, style. Which age group do you want to be? For what price? With what kind of style design? Store the rendering effect how? Zou Lisheng are dubious. In his eyes, the brand is belief, let consumers look for a brand, must be convincing the brand concept and the connotation.

In this way, from single brand to a variety of brand agent, from the management goal responsibility system to two rights separation and industrialization, Zou Lisheng hope from flat dumbbell operation mode, to find a balance to the manufacturers and sellers of terminal. Two head made it big at the same time, and to grasp the two ends, balance the two. And develop in our own brand, and should abandon the dumbbell management, focus on product development and terminal channels open.

Zou Lisheng owned brand, is the number of product development alone has more than one thousand people. It is like raising a daughter, the brand grew up to be looked at her hands in the heart. Zou Lisheng said, the company exclusive designer, every brand has a number of 20 to 30 people. He designer will be sent abroad training regularly, derive the forefront of the world's fashion ideas; At the same time, will let them to participate in the local exhibit, collecting the international trend of the most fashionable elements.

Lend chicken unripe egg is not in the long run, no independent brands, don't do high value-added products, grasp the market initiative, more don't talk about bigger and stronger. After years of international brand operation, Zou Lisheng from acting brand to FORTEI founded the independent brand, from a single leather goods, shoes, bags, to real estate, mining industry development.

Brand returning back to headquarters

“What is the purpose of entrepreneurial struggle? At first, of course, is for the sake of oneself and family life can be guaranteed. But this goal already achieved, why until now still can't leave? Zou Lisheng said, it is still struggling to struggle, the purpose of a is for the sake of their own dignity and honor, the other is to be able to help more people, especially the fellows in his hometown.

Zou Lisheng agent in 2003, playboy has just established a nationwide sales network, Zou Lisheng investment of 50 million yuan, qingtian county, back to the company headquarters, qingtian bao rabbit industrial park, set up & throughout; Research and development and sales, mainly to do leather shoes. Doing business in the outside, do again good, also can't please all fellows in the past, can't help them much; Return of investment, not only to friends and relatives and hometown together, also can solve the problem of employment of some folks, is I make little contribution for my hometown. As zheshang venture outside, Zou Lisheng never forget this piece of raising his homeland.

“Outside the business done again big, home of relatives and friends don't even know what you're doing. This let Zou Lisheng deeply regret, and XiangBan enterprises at home, can also help hard farming folks, let them have a good day.

Life is always at the same time, guangzhou Zou Lisheng feel inconvenience. Like a child to read questions, registered permanent residence, there are cultural differences and so on. Zou Lisheng said, although the guangzhou municipal government attaches great importance to spike the interests of investors, but some relevant departments imp difficult, some departments on the policy implementation is still imperfect.

At this time, just in case of qingtian county to the olive branch, home investment seems justified.

“Goldlion, rhino, this a few brands this year should be moved back, then there will be design product display. Zou Lisheng said, qingtian agency of many international brands in guangzhou, this year in the chamber of commerce and 10 companies to come back. Recently, Zou Lisheng again in qingtian took 50 acres, ready to in guangzhou qingtian people to recall, jointly set up a brand headquarters.

“This is a good chance to return to, set up the regression team zhejiang chamber of commerce in guangdong. Homesickness is a contagious disease, now, in guangzhou of zheshang regression fairly thick atmosphere. Zou Lisheng said, hometown complex who all cannot forget, grew up in here, people don't kiss and soil. The government's attention is one of the important factors contributing Zou Lisheng decided to move back headquarters, and the Chinese traditional families and discarded philosophy more deeply affects Zou Lisheng final judgment.

However, return the investment was not all plain sailing. At that time, qingtian county government to encourage Zou Lisheng back investment, originally promised to create a piece of 50 mu of land, but emergent events, the land into another influential local enterprises. Therefore, qingtian county, and specially allocated land to treasure rabbit company again, this let Zou Lisheng very touched, although the land only 10 acres, has smaller than the original 50 acres of land, but qingtian, land resources is also well known facts. The government can figure out a way to take out the 10 acres of land, and of their sincerity. Zou Lisheng told reporters that he had just wanted to do a factory in qingtian, then the headquarters directly to the back.

In 100:10 years has contributed to the school

It is known that when Mr Zou Lisheng returning in the early stage of the investment inspection, the first thing is not to sign the project, but to jingning big Ji township center school donated 1 million yuan.

The people who have close Zou Lisheng due to the poor, as a teenager has been deeply regret, for this special attention to the education of the next generation.

And, since his investment, Zou Lisheng increasingly understand the hometown. A late autumn day in 2004, Zou Lisheng due to the business mission, arrived at liandu old bamboo town member. When he was walking in the beautiful scenery of the old bamboo is famous, and young pup - incoming ears, Zou Lisheng turned and saw a old schoolhouse, fellow asked what's this school. Companions, it is the old town of bamboo national schools.

Is the expedition, Zou Lisheng saw students soaked shoes, see the pallet crowded student dormitory, saw the dilapidated buildings and old desk chair……

Soon, Zou Lisheng donated 500000 yuan to help the old bamboo town national school building complex. And this is just the beginning. Since then, qingtian near each county (city, district), rural schools also have Zou Lisheng hastily, he with the pace of 2 million yuan a year, for the project: the coverage of lishui city has contributed to rush about, longquan national middle school canteen building, qingtian middle school teaching building, the cloud and county zhu village township central primary school buildings, closing hillsides for water town central primary school teaching building, the local YunFeng Town central primary school teaching building nine endowed project directly benefiting more than 10000 teachers and students. Now, a new building stands between the green mountains, security, capacious and bright classroom from master a model.

“To the old bamboo school after I understood, the development of the home we need to do more, not only is the project cooperation. See hometown backward teaching environment and conditions, I think, the rural education is the most worthy of us to help. Can say, is that after, I to focus on the rural education. Zou Lisheng said.

This diversify, type of donations, however, cannot let Zou Lisheng see the results of the quality of education. He began to plan to participate in the school.

2Qingtian county, 2011 on the eve of the school in the fall and bowen secondary school was unveiled. Qingtian unique, this is a private school, with a total investment of 350 million yuan, the Chinese treasure rabbit group, er kang group, China's green water separation equipment co., LTD. Jointly founded, such as investment promoter is Zou Lisheng, accounted for 70% of the shares. Bowen, middle school is located in the hope to focus on the folk educational advantage resources, run out of a famous school, for the best on the home education of their social responsibility.”

However, save again encountered the land problem. At present, bowen qingtian middle school, high school to borrow the original buildings, due to the narrow schoolhouse, greatly limit the scale of enrollment. In 2011 in the first year of enrollment, bowen secondary school recruit a grade only 240 people, and the students to take an examination of is more than 2000 people.

Fortunately, this situation will not last long. Zou Lisheng, qingtian government has allocated 300 acres of land for bowen secondary school, will soon be put into construction use. The news Zou Lisheng pleased again: the government is so sincere, we will redouble our efforts!”

In remote villages around the country, were left Zou Lisheng figure. Since 2004, Zou Lisheng in baiyin, gansu province, zigong city, sichuan province, in places such as school endowed county in anhui project amounted to more than 60, directly benefiting more than 50000 teachers and students. According to statistics, since 2000, Zou Lisheng to donate, accumulative total more than 7000 ten thousand yuan, support public welfare undertakings.

“I am a entrepreneurs, is also a CPPCC member, CPPCC member not honor, not a halo, but a responsibility. Zou Lisheng said, now he has completed the lishui county: a endowed his plan of the project, then, going to again in 10 years, 100 schools: complete has contributed to the goal of the project.

The President is a kind of responsibility

The outbreak of the financial crisis from the United States started in 2008, triggered a global economic crisis and recession, the epicenter in south China's guangdong province. According to incomplete statistics, the closure of more than 15000 enterprises in guangdong. That same year, zhejiang chamber of commerce in guangdong province statistics show that since the reform and opening up, guangdong has attracted more than 40 people south zhejiang business, by 2007, the various enterprises established zhejiang businessmen in guangdong approximately 3000 annual output value of one hundred million yuan.

“But then another statistical data is not very optimistic, chamber of commerce under the enterprise average profit less than the same period last year more than 30%. Zou Lisheng tells a reporter, the chamber of commerce then lead for the first global BBS zheshang rush hours, want to put as much as possible of zhejiang merchants gathered in guangzhou, looking for connecting together, grasp the business opportunities.

“Then the question is not whether to form the failures, but the formation of the market atmosphere affects the faith from all walks of life and do the concept of industrial enterprises. Zou Lisheng said, can use the 2000 yuan in 1982 to start business zipper button, can open chain with 5 million dollars in 1997, but later may be in 50 million yuan to support the development of an enterprise.

“In 2008, 40% of the collapse of the impact on enterprise's natural rule, there is 15% inflation factor, the other 15% are highly polluting, energy-intensive companies affected by the policy and the collapse or transfer, and the remaining 30% were new registered enterprises to the market to know ability is not high and business failures caused by the economic crisis. Zou Lisheng tells a reporter, when the market is saturated there will be some kind of race, but exports fell to export-oriented manufacturing enterprises in all aspects are under the unprecedented pressure, lack of market confidence will only fuel for the contagion.

So, boost confidence, member enterprises become the core task of the chamber of commerce. Later, this peak BBS obtained zhejiang and guangdong provincial government attaches great importance to and support, zheshang, domestic well-known economists around the world.

When Zou Lisheng qingtian huitong small loans, has formed a investment co., LTD. If don't need to put the money is good, for themselves, most is in his own passbook paint a few more zero, what's the point? ! To leave money to us, also is not a good thing, can cause successors and closeness, loss of social survival ability, even animals than, more like a plant, in the end should be rich only three generations of this saying. At the end of the interview, Zou Lisheng.

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