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The famous brands agented by the Group Company include goldlion,VOLO,FORTEI, vishark leather products and other famous international brands. The main business products of the Group Company include leather shoes, leather bags, clothing, packaged products and many other series of products as well as mineral development and financial investment, etc.






Country brand VISHARK in Italy, the fashion is for decades, in continental Europe boutique world changing in the process of the evolution and development, conceived by the classic.

In 2005, VISHARK brand will be fully into the domestic market, the design masters, according to the continent's fashion trends, recourse to create inspiration, make full use of fashion and leisure space, the essence of the fusion between Chinese and western culture, don't create a creative, innovative and elegant fashion in the integration of high-quality goods.

Products focus on quality of original design style, fully display the leisure, fashion, generous personality, to express a kind of pursuit of life, pay attention to the quality of life of the feelings, the shape is not only for the customer a sense of practical, affordable, is a kind of free and easy life attitude, a kind of self life proposition.

“VISHARK brand product use high quality leather, with exquisite hardware accessories, combined with the original manual craft, makes every effort to make consumers in the visual, tactile and practical on best results. In the future days, VISHARK brand will continue to continue its peculiar style, highlight the noble, excellent image quality, let us feel the infinite charm VISHARK brand together.


Branding Intro

Corporate brand logo is mainly composed of three colors, blue background represents the sea; White shark in which free cruise with; Red represents passion, a flamboyant vitality and endless enthusiasm. The whole picture of harmonious unification, profound artistic conception, perfect reflect VISHARK leisure, fashion, free, generous style of the brand and courage, and constantly enterprising brand connotation; At the same time, it expresses the company's products of excellent quality, exquisite craft.


brand story

 “VISHARK Ronnie shaq, founder of the deeply influence of the Renaissance royal fashion designer,

According to napoleon's personality has devised a publicity showily and do not break delicate handbag. The European monarch like immediately, and give it a name & other; VISHARK” ! Meaning to the peerage of sharks.

The brand soon won the favour of the whole of the European aristocracy. VISHARK were powerful also called leather in the uncrowned king.


With the expansion of the scope, VISHARK brand throughout Europe, America and Asia.

The temperament of its fashion design concept, luxury and comfortable texture and a strong fashion sense, being frenzy of European and American nouveaux riches, which yesterday aristocratic glory symbol of fashionable brand called a must.

“VISHARK has developed for institutions around the world have an international group, a unique and romantic VISHARK has become synonymous with fashion and trend.。


Now VISHARK; And leading the introduction of high business and leisure as one of the design concept

The good production of VISHARK tradition continue in China took a brand of fashion trends.


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