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The famous brands agented by the Group Company include goldlion,VOLO,FORTEI, vishark leather products and other famous international brands. The main business products of the Group Company include leather shoes, leather bags, clothing, packaged products and many other series of products as well as mineral development and financial investment, etc.

Chinese name: rich collar headquarters: Italian founder: Andrew(ANDEREW DIERRE)

In 1951, Camp after the set up time: scope: clothing, leather shoes, leather goods, perfume, glasses and so on more than 20 FORTEI series products

Guangzhou rich collar industrial co., LTD., affiliated to the treasure rabbit group, is a professional brand operating companies, is mainly responsible for the Italian international famous brands FORTEI (rich collar) business in mainland China market. Company 2003 minister Mr Huafu collar international company's authorization, responsible for FORTEI brand full range in the Chinese market development and operation.

The development of the enterprise dedicated to promoting FORTEI brand, brand will sail around the world, become an international high-end brands as the goal unceasingly diligently. Guangzhou rich collar industrial co., LTD. In the process of accompanying FORTEI brand operating, is increasingly growing. Company has a good operation and management, quality excellent professional staff, have a active outstanding agents, dealers around the national team. Company is very pay attention to brand localization development in the mainland of China, with the brand idea guide the brand in the mainland market expanding and development. In operating FORTEI brand's each link, achieve excellence, strive for the high quality products and unique FORTEI high-quality FORTEI service dedicated to every customer! Give all love FORT FORTEI fashion culture transmission

Companies adhering to the commitment, solidarity and win-win values, insist on love, mutual aid, the social responsibility of gratitude. Since the takeover of the brand, sustainability into charity, chairman Mr Zou Lisheng donation hope primary schools all over the country has more than 60, according to incomplete statistics, all kinds of public welfare undertakings accumulated up to 70 million yuan.




Italy FORTEI (rich collar) brand is the result of a young man constantly striving for the realization of the ideal of the story.

FORTEI brand's founder, Andrew (ANDEREW DIERRE) was born in a small town in northern Italy Melanie's tailor family. Although Melanie is far from the sea, but the young Andrew is every moment of the day in the dream of becoming a great navigator. Life achievement Andrew exquisite clothing technology and indomitable character. In 1951, he with his inherited property, and founded his own clothing company, and to raise the sails for signs, for his own clothing named FORTEI, began his dream woven into every effort.

FORTEI represents a strong, good luck and wealth, means that people with firm faith and perseverance. Will get the opportunities come, just like the wind ship, directly to the other side of the happiness.

Mr Andrew with FORTEI this concept, pay their own wisdom and efforts. Soon, FORTEI clothing by its unique design style and exquisite workmanship to win more and more customers of all ages.

Mr Andrew in 1965 to expand our business to the world, from now on to the way the sustainable development of transnational operation. Company more expanded scope of production and operation, including clothing, leather shoes, leather goods, perfume, glasses and so on more than 20 FORTEI series products. FORTEI brand for business, leisure, sports, fashion style to become international famous brands, has been popular in European countries.

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