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Corporate culture

Corporate culture

  Treasure rabbit (group) company of China is earlier to develop brand agent in China, one of the franchise chain monopoly road. Company in good faith first, common development under the guidance of the correct concept, relying on excellent management ability, has achieved rapid development. Acting as the major brand products market share has been in a leading position.

enterprise spirit

  Treasure rabbit (group) company of China is very particular about the agent for the brand cultivation, promotion and maintenance work, at the time of set up a sound sales network, pay more attention to the quality of the network, every year, invested heavily to develop & quot; Unified design, unified image, unified decoration & quot; As the core brand counters, store the image of the construction projects, vigorously promote the brand appeal, make the brand visibility and reputation of each agent in the Chinese consumers are improved continuously.

management idea

  Treasure rabbit (group) company of China in the future will adhere to the correct business philosophy, constantly blaze new trails, work hard, constantly improve the management level, continuously expand new areas and towards the modernization of management, enterprise scale, diversification of grand strategic goals.

service concept

  The respect customer, understand customer, continue to provide exceed customer expectations of products and services, do customers forever partners. This is our has always insisted on and advocated by the service concept. Every step, first think of the customer in the enterprise by the seller's market into a buyer's market, consumer's consumption concept changes. In the face of many goods (or services), consumers are more willing to accept good quality product (or service). Here not only refers to the quality of the product intrinsic quality, also includes the product packaging quality, service quality and a series of factors. Therefore must comprehensively, maximize meet the needs of the consumers. Should stand in the customer (or consumer) position, instead of standing in the company's stance on research, design, and improve the service. Perfect service system, strengthen the pre-sale, sale, after-sales service, for customers throughout the year
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